1B-LSD Blotters (125ug)

1B-LSD is a sister analogue to LSD. 1B-LSD is a semi synthetic molecule of the lysergamide class family. The synthesis and founder of 1B-LSD is relatively unknown. 1B-LSD’s tetracyclic ergoline is characteristic of the chemical structure of ergot alkaloids. In contrast to LSD, 1B-LSD has an additional N1-butyryl group. Chemical modifications in the N1 position are among the most frequently performed changes in the ergoline system, as the Indole nitrogen is easily accessible for alkylations, acylations, Mannich reactions and Michael additions.

Substitutive Name: 1-Butyryl-d-lysergic acid diethylamide


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1B-LSD Blotters (125ug)
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